Blog #1: #52WeekBlogChallenge and new beginnings!


Happy New Year!

Well, 2016 is finally over and what a brutal year it was. Either one of you’re favourite childhood (or even adulthood!) celebrities have passed on or the World itself has gone to pot. This year doesn’t look promising either – but it is early days. Trump will soon be sworn in as President of the US and Britain will hopefully begin its divorce from the European Union.

But minus all of that 2017 is looking promising. Now, I don’t have anything planned nor do I have anything to say about how it is going to be a good year; I just have a feeling.

Now, one thing I used to love doing in my university days was to write. Though I sometimes loathed essays and my grammar was not the best (please feel free to correct any grammatical errors as I’m always keen to better my writing but please do in a professional manner) I enjoyed writing and the creativity of writing. It was partially one of the reasons I started this blog: to rejuvenate a love for writing and to also explore myself, my views and opinions in an environment with no restrictions. I will admit though, I have become lazy.

That’s when I came up with the idea for the #52WeeklyBlogChallenge on Twitter. The challenge seems like the kick that I need to push me in the write (pun intended) direction, to write every week for the next year.

I am doing this for 4 reasons:

1. I want to challenge myself creativity by forcing myself to come up with something to write on a weekly basis.

2. I want to develop myself as a writer by being able to write concisely and coherently.

3. I want to better my grammar and punctuation.

4. I want to use this as a catalyst to help motivate me and possibly others to be more pro-active in life.

Motivation is the factor here! I feel like I am at a stand still in my live. I am doing the same things everyday, of every week and this is one of the first steps to get me out of the rut I am in. Just by writing and setting myself this challenge I feel invigorated with ideas and aspirations compared to how I felt yesterday. I feel a new motivation and I hope this will last and continue as I write this blog in the coming months.

So there it is, the first blog of 52 – only 51 to go.



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