Blog #2: The Void Of Monotony



(Image: Pinterest)


Have you ever been stuck in a rut?  Do some days just feel the same?  Are other days more monotonous that others?  Ever stare out of a window and imagine you were somewhere else that isn’t where you are?

To some of us, that is life in a nutshell:

6am: wake up

6.30am: make coffee

7 am – 9am: sigh on the way to work – standstill traffic again!

9am – 6pm: look at the clock/ computer screen counting down the hours until time to go and brave the afternoon rush hour.

7pm: Dinner

10pm: Bed

…..and repeat!*

*Now everyone’s day is not like this. I myself go to bed sometimes at 3am after binge- watching a series. I often then regret the decision (because one more episode won’t hurt right?) and then I hate myself when my phone tells me ‘Alarm set for 4 hours 57 minutes’ – Eurgh!

This is what I call ‘The Void of Monotony’ – or Void for short.  The Void is when life gets repetitive and comfortable. The urge to want to venture out of your comfort zone gets overwritten by comfort in everyday life.

You may even find yourself staring out of the window probably thinking of the places you want to go, the things you want to do and the kind of people you want to meet; or maybe the job you actually want to do. You convince yourself that you will get out of this rut, you will tick the to-do list in your head. You then google and plan out your new found adventure, for then it all to change. Comfort then settles in, the fear of the unknown settles these desires to the back of your head.

You then tell yourself that it’s actually not too bad and then convince yourself that you love your life, that it could be worse. The cycle continues and then before you know it the daily routine begins and you are staring out of the window.

The cycle of the void can be ended but it takes work. There can be some anxiety that comes with change and as the saying goes ‘the journey of 1000 miles begins with one step’. But taking the first step towards change is the hardest. I spent many months employed in a job after university on a minimum hours contract hoping to be given more. I asked and asked and waited and waited, but that isn’t how life works. I procrastinated and danced around the idea of leaving, but was scared of what to do next. I took the leap, left the job and the experiences and people I met changed and shaped me.

Trepidation filled me when I made the decision to dwell into blogging and to walk away from that job – that cycle had ended. To end the cycle you have to be willing. You have to look at why you are anxious about moving on and take a wider view of your life. Once the first step is taken the rest come with ease.

The fear of the unknown can make comfort more attractive but take the leap, go from staring out of the window to go outside achieving what you want to do.  All it needs is some get go. Fight past the fear and actually that thing you were dreaming about could be the thing you become comfortable in.


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