Welcome to one of a few segments that I am introducing to my blog ‘what grinds my gears’. This will be a mini-blog where I rant about everyday life and hopefully you the reader will feel my frustrations as well.

People in their entirety really annoy me sometimes – like really frustrate me. What annoys me is people in everyday life.

Picture the scene. It is a lovely day and you are with a friend, girlfriend, partner etc. You feel hungry and you pick a nice place to eat. You go to this restaurant and there are people in front of you also walking to go into this restaurant. Now, let’s assume that this restaurant is a place where you can walk in, sit down and order your food. The people in front of you walk through the door and just as the smell of the food, the sizzle from the kitchen excites your ears and your mouth waters for that nice cold refreshing beer – stop! The people in front of you just stop a few short feet from the door and then, just stay there.

Why do people do this? Do they expect no one to be behind them or to come through the door. If you are unsure about a place don’t stop at the door. Go in, prentend to be interested (away from the door) and then walk out.  Everything will be much better that way. If you’re also British like me then you won’t say anything to these people you will just wait for them to push past you and then complain about it later. This also works for other places and not just restaurants. The biggest place people do this that grinds my gears is small doorways.

So, my message to people who walk through a door and stop right in front of the door: don’t do it!


(Image: Wallpaperup)


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