Ever had those moments when you don’t know what you’re doing in life?
This is one of those moments for me. I started this blog in January to make myself more creative. In the beginning it was just that. I had a wave of fulfilment in life and felt disciplined again. This platform made me feel like I was going somewhere and doing something.

Now, I have hit a fork in the road. What was something which I was going to post about weekly has turned into every other week.

So what has happened? In the beginning I didn’t know. I had ideas and ideas but I didn’t write about them. I had challenges that I was going to set myself to complete and write about. I have written and deleted a few posts I have not been happy with. 

Is it writers block or is it much more?

I have often mocked ‘creaters’ or writers who appear to be having an existential crisis with writing or creating yet appear to be in that category.

So what now? 

I think the problem is that maybe I don’t believe what I am writing is good enough. Or, maybe I lack a subject or topic to write about. 

Should I do continue to write every week? Or should I write when I have something to talk about or say? 

We will see

(Feature image taken from: http://cialiscanadacheap9r.com/2016/01/07/why-you-should-scream-according-to-science/)


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